Who ya gonna call...? (for)

*** Please check our Club FAQs to see if we've already addressed your question or concern BEFORE proceeding! ***

If we haven't already addressed your question or concern in our Club FAQs, then please contact the appropriate board member for:

Coaching issues (questions, curriculum, safety, education opportunities, complaints, etc.):
Matt Andre, Coaching Director (topofthelinegk@gmail.com)

Equipment & Uniform issues (wrong sizes, coach kits, corner flags, first-aid kits, ice-packs, etc.):
Paul Motta, Vice President (rpmotta62704@yahoo.com)

Field issues (long-grass, lines, cancellations, etc.):
John Viscomi, Fields Director (duchbrandi@aol.com)

IT Support issues (Team Connect, Stack Sports, website, etc.):
Sandy Carroll, Registrar (slcarroll226@gmail.com)

Payment and Account issues (questions, receipts, hardship requests, reimbursement, etc.):
Joe Gnatek, Treasurer (jgnatek1@cox.net)

Referee issues (questions, new referees, scheduling, etc.):
Ryan Walters, Referees Director (walters.ryanw@gmail.com)

Registration issues (new players & volunteers, proof-of-birth, photos (headshots), CJSA roster / passes, CT Cup, tournaments, scheduling, etc.):
Sandy Carroll, Registrar (slcarroll226@gmail.com)

Special event issues (questions, ideas, volunteer, etc.):
Jennifer Mattson, Special Events Director (jennomattson@gmail.com)

All other issues and inquiries:
Paul Drzyzga, President (p_drzyzga@yahoo.com)