How do I assign referees to a match?

Team Managers:

Assign referees to a match.

1. The registrar will provide the referees coordinator with an Excel spreadsheet containing all league match schedules (on or around ~9/1).

2. The team manager may request to change a team's assigned HOME field location and/or time (based on availability) ONLY after all league schedules for the entire Club are published on the Club website.

3. The team manager must email all HOME 'friendly' matches to the referees coordinator to verify that the requested field and time is available.

4. Each Sunday the referees coordinator emails all team managers and coaches the next weekend's HOME matches on an Excel spreadsheet.

5. Each team manager is responsible to check the Excel spreadsheet for errors or changes.

6. If there are any errors, then the team manager must notify the referees coordinator ASAP.

7. After Sunday, the referees coordinator assigns referees using this Excel spreadsheet.

8. 48-hours notice to cancel a HOME match is required once the referees coordinator assigns referees to your match (a HOME match canceled within 48-hours of kick-off will result in the Club having to pay the referees' fees).

9. Team managers cannot cancel HOME matches due to weather (matches will be cancelled only when fields are closed by the town).

10. The referees coordinator will email all HOME match referee assignments to team managers and coaches on Fridays before an upcoming weekend's matches.

11. The team manager is responsible for checking-in with referees before or after each HOME match to verify names.

12. Finally, the team manager must email the referees coordinator after each HOME match to confirm that the assigned referees worked the assigned match (this is how the Club pays referees; FYI referees are mailed payments... checks are never distributed at the field).

13. Our HOME match referees work for Suffield Soccer Club, so please email the referees coordinator and coaching director with any problems, concerns, or issues.

14. As always, please email the registrar with any questions or concerns about this or any process.


* Once brackets are released... if your team is the HOME team, then the team manager must email the referees coordinator by Sunday midnight to reserve a field for the following Saturday.