How do I upload proof-of-birth and/or a photo to complete CJSA registration?


On August 1, 2018, you received an email inviting you to login to the Team Connect web portal. From there, you received instructions for how to download the Team Connect app for iOS or Android. That email provides you with a personalized link to login to your member account, where you also can upload government-issued proof-of-birth documentation and a photo (head-shot) for the CJSA-player pass.

Finally, your member account contains all of the information for your team, a link to the team page where you can find the roster, schedule, and other important information.

*** IMPORTANT *** Uploading a photo to your profile on Team Connect (the app or the web portal) does NOT upload a photo to your 'official' CJSA Member Account. Your 'official' CJSA Member Account is where you must upload your government-issued proof-of-birth documentation and photo to complete registration and to generate a CJSA player-pass. Your Team Connect profile is 'unofficial'... As such, please follow THIS PROCESS below!

Upload government-issued proof-of-birth and/or a photo to complete CJSA registration.

1. Visit our Club website (

2. Click on 'member login' in the upper-right corner of your browser window.

3. Under 'Member Profiles,' find your participating child.

4. Click on the 'ID Document' placeholer or icon to upload a government-issued proof-of-birth document (a birth certificate or passport is best; CJSA will not accept a hospital certificate or any other non-government document; pdf, png, or jpg formats only).

6. Click 'Save.'

7. Click on the photo placeholder or icon to upload a recent photo (png or jpg formats only; recommended: school photo or headshot sized 150px by 200px.

8. Crop and rotate the photo so that it fits within the frame.

9. Click 'Save.'

10. As always, please email the registrar with any questions or concerns about this or any process, or to have the Club upload government-issued proof-of-birth documentation or photo (headshot) to your member account on your behalf.