How do I add an item to my team's schedule using my smartphone's Team Connect app?

Team Managers:

Add a new item to your team's schedule using the Team Connect app on your android or iOS smartphone.

1. Open the Team Connect app on your androis or iOS smartphone.

2. Click on 'Schedule.'

3. Click on ''three horizontal lines' in upper-left corner of screen.

4. Click 'Add Game,' 'Add Practice,' 'or 'Add Event.'

5. For example, click 'New Game' to add a new friendly match.

6. Clck the button to 'Send notification to team.'

7. Click the 'All Day' button if there is no start or end times.

8. Click 'Starts' to enter a start date and time.

9. Click 'Ends' to enter an end date and time.

10. Click 'Opponent' to choose the name of the opponent.

11. If necessary, click 'Create New Opponent.'

12. Click Location to choose the name of the location.

13. If necessary, click 'Create New Location.'

14. Click 'Home / Away' to choose 'Home' or 'Away.'

15. Enter the number of 'Minutes to Arrive Prior to the Game.'

16. Enter any 'Notes.' Examples include, but are not limited to: "Please wear your blue jersey and bring your white jersey;" or "Please give yourself extra-time due to anticipated traffic delays caused by construction;" or "Please remember to wear your training jersey to all team practices;" etc.

17. Click 'Save.'

18. If you need to cancel the game, click on the game in your schedule and then scroll to the bottom to click 'Cancel;' then click 'Save.'

19. As always, please email the registrar with any questions or concerns about this or any process.