How do I schedule friendly matches for my team?

Team Managers:

The Club permits each team to schedule three (3) HOME 'friendly' matches during the fall season. There is no limit to the number of AWAY friendlies you may schedule.

Scheduling friendly matches for your team.

1. Identify a travel club in a nearby town, including ones in nearby Massachusetts.

2. Perform an internet search to locate the club's website.

3. Search the club's website to locate the approproate contact for your birth-year / age-group; if you can't find a website or an appropriate contact, then please click here to view our league's most recent list of club contacts. FYI, our Club belongs to the CT Central / North-Central Travel league.

4. Either email or call the contact to schedule a friendly match.

5. If scheduling a HOME friendly, please do your best to schedule the match during your team's Saturday home match time slot.

6. If your opponent cannot play during your assigned time slot, then please email the registrar to explore alternatives.

7. Once you've booked a day and time, please email the details to (1) the registrar and (2) the referees coordinator.

8. Finally, add the friendly game to your team's schedule on Team Connect:

a. using your smartphone's Team Connect app (<- click for instructions); or

b. using Team Connect's web portal from a browser on your computer (<- click for instructions).

9. As always, please email the registrar with any questions or concerns about this or any process.