How do I enable my team's Public Team Page in Team Connect?

Team Managers:

'Team Pages' is a feature in Team Connect that allows each individual team to publicly display team information, such as Coaches & Staff, Roster, and Schedule.

Unfortunately I cannot 'one-click enable' each of the 17 individual Team Pages from my dashboard. As such, please follow these step-by-step instructions to...

Enable your team's Public Team Page in Team Connect

1. Navigate to and Sign In.

2. Click on Team Settings.

3. Click on Public Team Page.

4. Check 'Enable Public Team Page.'

5. Click on Edit Links.

6. For Website, type

7. For Email, type [Team Manager's email address].

8. For Facebook, type

9. Click 'Save & Close.'

10. For layout, click 'Single Column.'

11. For Content, click 'Add Content.'

12. Choose 'Coaches & Staff.'

13. Click 'pencil icon' to edit / customize.

14. Check 'Profiles.'

15. Check 'Description' and 'Email Address.'

16. Click 'Save & Close.'

17. For Content, click 'Add Content.'

18. Choose 'Roster.'

19. Click 'pencil icon' to edit / customize.

20. Make sure Profiles is NOT clicked.

21. Click 'Save & Close.'

22. For Content, click 'Add Content.'

23. Choose 'Schedule.'

24. Click 'pencil icon' to edit / customize.

25. Check 'Display Games, Events, and Practices'.

26. Click 'Save & Close.'

27. Click 'Save.'

28. Navigate to

29. Make sure your Team Page appears.

30. As always, please email the registrar with any questions or concerns about this or any process.

I am aware that the Roster feature displays both first names and last names. This is a departure from our previous website hosted by LeagueAthletics. Unfortunately I cannot find a setting that would enable us to display first names only (if you find please share with the group!). I've contacted Stack Customer Support and will report back any guidance to all.

Finally, please remember that Team Pages are PUBLIC. So, please enable only the Coaches & Staff, Roster (if comfortable), and Schedule features at this time (and please refrain from enabling any other Public Team Page features, including About the Team, Accomplishments, Announcements, Photos, or Custom Content). We will explore these other features as a Club at a later date and provide future guidance as necessary.

As always, thank you for all that you do. Onward!